• General Information About a Frenectomy

  • In general, the procedure is very well-tolerated by children. We take every measure to ensure that pain and stress during the procedure is minimized.

    1. General anesthesia is not utilized in the office and is almost never needed to perform the procedure.
    2. Due to laser safety regulations, parents are not allowed in the treatment room during the procedure. I will carry your child to and from the room, and the approximate time away from you is about 3 minutes. The actual time of lasering is 15-30 seconds.
    3. I attempt to take pre-op and post-op photos of each attachment.
    4. For babies under the age of 4 months, I don’t routinely place any topical anesthetic. For ages 4-12 months a topical numbing cream is applied to the area(s) that will be treated. This medication works very quickly. 
    5. For children 12 months of age or older, numbing cream is applied. In some instances, an injected local anesthetic may be applied for additional anesthesia.
    6. Crying and fussing are common during and after the procedure.
    7. You may breastfeed, bottle-feed, or soothe your baby in any manner you'd like following the procedure. You may stay as long as necessary.