• Preparing For The Procedure


    A frenectomy is a procedure used to correct a congenital condition in which the lingual (tongue) or labial (upper lip) frenulum is too tight, causing restrictions in movement that can cause significant difficulty with breastfeeding, and in some instances, other health problems like dental decay or spacing, speech difficulties and digestive issues. When it affects the lingual frenulum, this condition is commonly called a tongue tie (the medical term is ankyloglossia).  


    Please do not nurse or bottle feed your baby directly before procedure (stomach should be empty for about 30 minutes).

    The best way to prepare for the procedure is to have the medications that you will need on hand so you can focus on your child following the procedure.

    Tylenol - 

    Dosage: Using the dropper in the manufacturer's packaging. This can be given every 6-8 hours after the procedure.

    • 6-11 pounds - 1.25mL
    • 12-17 pounds - 2.5mL
    • 18-23 pounds - 3.75mL 
    • 24-35 pounds - 5mL

    For children 6 months of age or older, you may use ibuprofen instead (or with Tylenol). Please follow the dosing instructions on the package.

    You may use whatever works for your family. Because numbing medicine may be used during the procedure, and because the laser itself has some analgesic properties, not everyone needs a medication beforehand.