• Sedation Dentistry

  • Dental fears are common, especially in young children. Additionally, some children with special healthcare needs may be prone to anxiety or have sensory disorders that cause regular dental care to be a very challenging experience for them. For these patients, sedation dentistry can be the key to helping them get the care they need for strong, healthy teeth.

    Our office is designed to cater to kids and their unique needs, and we have everything we need to provide a safe and comfortable experience for your child. Whether a little nitrous oxide is needed to make an extraction more comfortable, your child has fears that require sedation using oral medication, or your child’s needs or care require general anesthesia.

    We offer a variety of sedation options to help your family relax and enjoy a pain-free experience at Hingham Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Young is a qualified sedation dentist. For longer treatments or operative procedures, Dr. Young may recommend a gentle sedation option that is age-appropriate to keep your child calm and relaxed while in the dental chair.

    • Nitrous Oxide
    • General Anesthesia
    • Oral Conscious Sedation
    • IV Sedation
    • Hospital Dentistry


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